Thursday, October 8, 2009

Babies Gone Wild: Children of Reality TV

It seems like every week there is a new TV show about multiples. Luckily with the whole Jon and Kate scandal that trend has died down a bit. While it is hard to look away sometimes, I really can't help but feel sorry for the kids and disgusted by the parents. No one ever asks these kids whether or not they want to be on TV. Their lives, their mistakes, their sorrows are broadcast to the entire world. Most children who have been through a divorce don't want to talk about it and would be happy playing dumb. These poor kids have to see it on the cover of every magazine and hear stories and speculation on every entertainment show. Everyone is so obsessed with this car wreck of a marriage and Jon's douchey mid-life crisis that they never even consider giving the family, the children in particular, some privacy.

I can understand the appeal of reality TV, especially for families with a large number of children. When all the expenses start to pile up, money for documenting their story suddenly sounds very appealing. But there is a point when parents, as parents, need to say "That's enough." When your lives are falling apart, the world doesn't need to see it. What makes me really mad though, is when people like Kate continue with the show and say they're doing it "For the kids." Bull. When college students are watching the show and taking bets on which kid will end up being a slut, a bitch, or a serial killer, it is no longer what is best for your kids. I don't care if you're selling a book and want to be the newest member of The View: you are making your children suffer for your own gain and that is inexcusable.

Don't even get me started on you, OctoMom...

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  1. Yeah, I think that's why I'm on "team Jon", so to speak. He wanted to end the show which can be seen at the end of the season before their divorce when they asked "Are you going to continue the show?", and Jon said "No", but Kate said, "We'll see". She's just in it for the fame and money. You can see over the course of the series how much she's changed. She used to be so loving towards her kids, it was refreshing. Now it feels like everything is an act of one-ups-manship.

    P.S.: I forgot about this blog (Sorry!!!), but it's amazing! I love the posts and your writing style. I hope you write more!!!